This is a list of presentations made at the 2014 Symposium.
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Keynote : The State of NACE
Robert H. Chalker
Executive Director 
NACE International

Remote Monitoring of Rectifiers
Michael Emerine / Technical Sales Represenative for Abroix

Misconceptions Regarding Over-Voltage Protection and Safety
Mike Tachick / President of Dairyland Industries Inc.

Just Another Day at the Office
Scott Hibbs / Exteme Access Inc.

A Deep Well Anode Bed Installation and Anode Selection
Ken Carter / President ICORR Technologies

CP Criteria IR Drop
Clay Berlsford / President Bass Engineering

Looking Back - 2013 & DOT/PHMSA/OPS Emergency Response
Brent Brown / PHMSA / Field Engineer

3D Structured Light Related to Fitness for Service
Joe Pikas / VP Pipeline Integrity, Engineering Services, Technical Toolboxes